Causes Of High Minus Eyes In Children Aged 5 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of High Minus Eyes In Children Aged 5 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of High Minus Eyes In Children Aged 5 Years?

Hello, I am a father who has nearsightedness in the eyes with minus 16 and 17 in each of my eyes … yesterday I had to have my 5-year-old son and was sentenced to two nearsighted eyes with a size of minus 6 in both eyes. .. which is my question 1. what is the main cause of my lsg suffer from nearsightedness of minus 6 in both eyes? … to my knowledge, it doesn’t take too long to play the gadget per day and not too often … 2. is it farsightedness can be removed or reduced or minus it does not quickly increase again if you can how? what is tracking whether if the examination is done a year before or before entering the school and is given glasses, is it still in the acquisition minus 6 hours because the new examination is done after the notification from the class teacher? please answer this

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What causes your child to experience nearsightedness?

Farsightedness or also called myopia can occur because the shadow of objects that enter the eye does not fall right on the retina of the eye, but falls in front of it. The main cause of this myopia is the eyeball that is too long in size, it could also be due to the cornea or the lens of the eye that is too curved, it could also be due to a combination of both. Anatomical abnormalities in the eye are conditions inherited from parents, therefore nearsightedness experienced by your child is likely to be genetically acquired. Basically, gadgets have little effect on the appearance of myopia in children (greater genetic influence), but research also shows that children who have less time to play outside are also more likely to experience myopia. Less time playing outside can be caused by more children playing gadgets in the house, it can also be caused by more children reading books or playing other toys in the house. (so it's not due to the influence of the gadget itself).

Can farsightedness be eliminated or reduced?

Basically the eyes of children will continue to develop until they reach the age of 20 years. Therefore minus the eyes can still increase or decrease. If the minus eye is high enough like that of your child, most likely minus the eye will not disappear. As mentioned above, children who lack time to play outside the home will be more at risk of suffering from myopia. This also applies in slowing the progression of myopia in children. Frequent play outside the home (especially in very young children) can slow the progression of myopia. To help prevent the myopia from increasing to very high levels, you can encourage your child to play outside the house more often.

Will the eye check remain at minus 6?

As mentioned above also, minus the eye can still increase and decrease until the age of the child reaches 20 years. Therefore, eye examination in children is recommended to be done every 1-2 years so that correction of glasses can always be adjusted to the severity of visual impairment experienced.

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