Causes Of HP Radiation?

Illustration of Causes Of HP Radiation?
Illustration: Causes Of HP Radiation?

Good evening doctor, I have a question. Whether sneezing is one of the causes of radiation generated by cellphones. Because I was sneezing. And my aunt said “that’s why, don’t keep on playing cellphones. Sneezing is because of cellphone radiation” is that true? Even though I play on my cellphone to find learning materials.

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Hello Thilda

Even though mobile cellular devices (HP) emit electromagnetic wave radiation, these waves are usually quite safe for humans, especially if these HP products have certainly passed production standards and feasibility of use. Although some opinions state that cellphone radiation can cause several health problems such as cancer, fertility, neurological disorders, fetal disorders, etc., all of these opinions have not been scientifically proven through clinical trials that can be justified for their accuracy.

Sneezing is a fairly common complaint and of course almost all humans have experienced this, sneezing itself can arise due to various factors, such as exposure to dust, inhaling certain aromas (such as certain foods), catching flu, inhaling small particles (such as pollen) .

Although the radiation emitted by cellphones is safe enough for humans, it does not mean that there are no negative effects from long-term use of cellphones, frequent use of cellphones can cause headaches, eye fatigue, stiffness in the eyes and neck, decreased vision ability such as "minus eyes "For example, the result of continuously seeing objects at very close distances, especially when looking at a cellphone screen in a dark place. In addition, sleep disturbances can also occur if you use too much cellphone.

Therefore, Thilda should reduce the use of cellphones even though at this time there is no strong scientific evidence that states there is a relationship between cellphone radiation and sneezing complaints, but long-term use of cellphones can cause health problems as above.

To deal with sneezing, Thilda can consume more vegetables and fruit as a source of antioxidants to ward off disease, and drink lots of water. Don't forget to wear a mask when traveling to public places such as roads, bus stops, terminals, etc.

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