Causes Of Hypothermia In People With Gastroenteritis

Illustration of Causes Of Hypothermia In People With Gastroenteritis
Illustration: Causes Of Hypothermia In People With Gastroenteritis

Hello, good morning! Why does hypothermia occur in people with gastroenteritis?

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The presence of hypothermia complaints should be ascertained by proper temperature measurements and also evaluating possible causes. By definition, hypothermia is a decrease in body temperature below normal or below 35 degrees celsius. If from this definition, then hypothermia can be ascertained by measurements of human body temperature, so that you get the right data and information on your body temperature.

In addition to hypothermia marked by body temperature below 35 degrees celsius, several other symptoms and signs are also received, such as:

 The skin feels cold to the touch. Pale Shivering Stiffness and difficulty moving Numbness Shortness of breath palpitations Decreased awareness response Triggers a decrease in body temperature lower than normal or lower than 35 degrees Celsius can be caused by:

 Accidental or intentional Hypothermia Primary or secondary hypothermia Degree of hypothermia So in general, the cause of hypothermia can be caused by:

 Exposure to cold ambient temperature poisoning Ganggaun endocrine system, such as in patients with thyroid disorders Central nervous system infections Infection such as cases of sepsis All of the above causes lost body temperature greater than the body produces body temperature, so identifying body temperature and knowing the cause of hypothermia will help treatment according to the cause.

While gastroenteritis is a disorder or inflammation of the digestive system that causes complaints of stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever to dehydration. The cause of gastroenteritis can be caused by infection, drug side effects or severe loogam poisoning. Patients with gastroenteritis, which need to be aware of is the risk of dehydration which can cause hypovolemia or decreased blood volume. If dehydration occurs is still mild, the complaints that arise can be in the form of urinary infrequent, dizzy or start to shiver or the body feels cold. If dehydration is not treated properly, it can risk causing severe dehydration which is life threatening. Thus, if you mean that your body temperature feels chills or cold, this is caused by a dehydration condition that you may experience when gastroenteritis occurs. So fulfilling the needs of body fluids will help prevent dehydration.

Based on the causes of hypothermia, hypothermia can occur due to severe infections that cause interference with the patient's body temperature regulation caused by gastroenteritis and severe dehydration. So that the initial shivering complaints in dehydrated patients is more due to body fluids that begin to disappear and decrease. So the handling that can be done in this condition are:

 Conducting examinations and care to the family doctor Continue treatment from the doctor Adequate water, by drinking a little but often Restoring gastroenteritis resting from all activities Meeting the needs of healthy food Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, oily foods That is the info we can convey.

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