Causes Of Increased Blood Pressure Accompanied By Tingling Feet?

Illustration of Causes Of Increased Blood Pressure Accompanied By Tingling Feet?
Illustration: Causes Of Increased Blood Pressure Accompanied By Tingling Feet?

Hello doctor. R nI’m a 19-year-old woman r nHeight 162cm weight 40kg r nRange blood pressure range r nNormal 95/68 – 110/80 r nLow under 95-80/60 r nHigh above 110 – 160/90 r n r nChronology: r nA few days ago I felt dizzy, cold sweat, nausea u0026amp; vomited like he was catching a cold. I am also in the family planning period so it is not possible for me to be pregnant. R nAfter I experienced symptoms of colds the next day my left hand tingling, only from under my elbows to fingertips while my blood pressure was normal. Day by day my blood pressure continued to rise and the tingling part of my hand also extended to my upper arm. I also had a walk one morning after that my legs were tingling too. Lately I have also often felt pain in my heart which hurts when I move my body. The left abdomen under the rib cage also often feels painful. I also have a history of ulcers. R nGhat if it’s a symptom of a disease or what is a doctor? Is there any medicine that I need to take and other suggestions? R n r nHave I say thank you r nWassalamualikum wr wb

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Hello Cahya, Thank you for the question.

Tingling in medical languages ​​is known as paresthesias. Paresthesia can occur temporarily (temporarily) and long-term (chronic). Most people have experienced temporary paresthesias. This condition is caused by temporary pressure on the body that causes blood flow to be interrupted, for example, because of sitting cross-legged or because sleep rests with your hands. This complaint will disappear when the pressure on the body is removed. If this tingling complaint always occurs within a certain period (chronic paresthesias), this complaint is caused by a certain medical condition such as vitamin B1, B6, B12 deficiency, diabetes, thyroid hormone disorders, injuries due to repetitive movements, impaired kidney function, impaired liver function , and others.

Pain in the left upper abdomen, under the rib cage, can be caused by peptic ulcers, stomach acid disease, pancreatitis, pleurisy, muscle aches, stomach ulcers due to side effects of spicy and oily foods, due to side effects of caffeinated or fizzy drinks, due to side effects of the drug medicine, and others.

Further examination by a doctor is needed to determine the cause of your complaint. Please check with your doctor directly. The doctor will ask you for further complaints and examine you. The doctor may also need to do blood testing. Subsequent treatment will be given by a doctor based on your medical condition.

Please also do the following suggestions:

if symptoms appear, please move your body parts experiencing these complaints please eat regularly avoid consumption of spicy and oily foods avoid consumption of caffeinated and fizzy drinks avoid consumption of large portions of food avoid lying down after eating avoid exposure to air pollution avoid smoking Hopefully information it is useful.

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