Causes Of Injury To The Tip Of The Penis?

Illustration of Causes Of Injury To The Tip Of The Penis?
Illustration: Causes Of Injury To The Tip Of The Penis?

Good night, I want to ask the results of a negative TPHA and VDRL test, but the wound on the head of the penis was in the form of a red circle yesterday, it was dry and now it is wet again … actually I am sick what, please enlighten me. Thank you.

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Good night. Thank you for asking
Injury to the tip of the penis can occur because of a number of things that are possible besides syphilis there can be other diagnostic possibilities namely
1. Mole or canchroid ulcer, which is an infection that appears wet and painful
2. Herpes is usually preceded by a visible look of bouncy which can then rupture
3. Ordinary LGV other than lenis injury accompanied by enlarged glands in the groin area
4. Side effects of medications such as anti-inflammatory
5. Scars from trauma

It is better to know the diagnosis, definitely bring yourself to the doctor, especially skin and genital specialists so that the assessment and examination can be appropriate and the treatment too.

The better main is prevention for further transmission, i.e.
1. Avoid sex that is not safe such as changing partners and you should use a condom
2. Check yourself and consume medications from your doctor appropriately

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Thus this information can be useful, thank you

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