Causes Of Insomnia, Panic, Sweating And Often Feel Guilty?

Illustration of Causes Of Insomnia, Panic, Sweating And Often Feel Guilty?
Illustration: Causes Of Insomnia, Panic, Sweating And Often Feel Guilty?

Tonight, doctor. I am Nayza, 20 years old. I have had insomnia for a long time. Not only that, I often find it very easy to panic, sweat, and shake my hands. Very easy and often cry. I always feel guilty towards other people, even after I think again I didn’t do anything wrong. I also often remember something that is old and seems to happen recently. I recently find it very easy to hate something. Am I experiencing a psychiatric disorder? What should I do? thank you

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Complaints of insomnia, panic, sweating and often feeling guilty can be caused due to several causes:

1. Acute stress disorder: disturbance of feelings and thoughts due to undesirable things happening, in less than 2 weeks

2. Comprehensive anxiety disorder: worry about everything in life, characterized by frequent panic, palpitations, sweating and difficulty sleeping

3. Depression: disturbance of thoughts and feelings due to mood changes, it becomes difficult to feel happy, not excited and lose interest in anything

These complaints can be overcome by consulting directly with a psychiatric specialist, as well as doing a lot of activities like your hobby. Draw closer to God, and be grateful and sincere about what has happened, is or will happen.

To find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of your complaint, you should directly consult with a psychiatrist. Not that you experience psychiatric disorders, but you go to the doctor just to reduce the complaints that you experience it.

Prevention can be done:

1. Try adjusting the environment before going to sleep by turning off the lights, keeping the cellphone, music and so on

2. Draw close to God, worship a lot

3. Think positive and be grateful for everything that happens

4. Running a favorite hobby

Thus, hopefully useful

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