Causes Of Itching Accompanied By Weakness?

Illustration of Causes Of Itching Accompanied By Weakness?
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.I want to ask. Why do I like itching like hives?? It feels like my body is weak. I don’t feel well. Blood pressure of 65/95 is very low. That’s the solution. Did I eat wrong? And what foods should I not eat? Thanks

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Hi Riia Tania

Thank you for your question

Hives or reddish patches on the skin are caused by quite a lot, indeed in almost some cases they are caused by allergies, either allergies to cold air, allergies to certain objects or substances, or allergies to certain foods and drinks. If it is caused by an allergy, then after contact with the allergen, a red rash (can be accompanied by a bump on the skin) will appear and then after some time it can disappear by itself. If the rash persists, it could be due to a certain infection. So it is necessary to be examined by a doctor to determine the condition you are experiencing, it is also possible to do an allergy test to determine whether you have allergies or not. Regarding your low blood pressure (perhaps you mean 95 mmHg per 65 mmHg), this could be due to an allergic reaction or it may not be related to an allergic reaction. In some cases of allergies can appear in the form of a severe reaction, namely an anaphylactic reaction, where blood pressure can drop drastically and will cause you difficulty breathing, cold sweats, faster heart rate, dizziness and so on. In cases like this, it is necessary to treat it quickly, give anti-allergy and additional treatment so that this excessive allergic reaction can be reduced. If this kind of condition occurs, then you should consult a doctor to get the appropriate treatment. It could be that low blood pressure has indeed appeared before you experience allergies, in other words your blood pressure tends to be lower than people in general. If this happens, this is a normal condition as long as there are no accompanying symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, nausea and vomiting, and other symptoms. In cases of dehydration or lack of fluids, blood pressure can drop. So make sure that you are not dehydrated, by always consuming enough water every day. If you are proven to have allergies (after the results of a doctor's examination), then you can take drugs to prevent allergies and reduce itching which is usually caused by allergies (anti-histamine drugs), such as loratadine or ceterizin. However, you should consult your doctor first before taking these two drugs. Actually you have no dietary restrictions, as long as the food does not cause you allergies. So you need to pay attention to when this hives complaint appears, if it is triggered after consuming certain foods, then you should avoid consuming these foods.

Hope this answer helps you.

dr. Aldy Valentino

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