Causes Of Itching Almost All Over The Body?

Illustration of Causes Of Itching Almost All Over The Body?
Illustration: Causes Of Itching Almost All Over The Body?

Night. I want to ask .. I experience things like frequent itching all over my body and it happens suddenly. I have experienced this for several years now. We call it aber … Are these symptoms dangerous or not? The best solution is how to get well …

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Aber or in medical language urticaria is a reddish rash that stands out on the skin. The size of urticaria can vary. Swelling in urticaria can resolve on its own in a few minutes, but can also persist for weeks or even longer. Swelling in urticaria causes itching and sometimes causes a burning sensation. Urticaria can be caused by infection, allergies to material attached to the skin, or allergic reactions to food, medicine, or insect bites. Symptoms of urticaria are often exacerbated by stress or physical triggers, such as cold air, hot air, sun exposure, vibration, or scratching on the skin.

If urticaria has been present for more than 6 weeks, you will need to consult a dermatologist for further examination. You need to undergo a series of examinations. From the results of the examination, the doctor will explain to you how the treatment should be done. You should remember again, what conditions usually trigger this itching appear. This information can be very useful. You need to avoid the circumstances that trigger you to relapse. Avoid scratching the itchy part because it can actually aggravate the itching that you experience. Avoid using aspirin or certain pain medications because it can cause symptoms to get worse. Try to consult with your doctor first before you use certain drugs.

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