Causes Of Itching And Pain In The Ear, Accompanied By Greenish Discharge?

Illustration of Causes Of Itching And Pain In The Ear, Accompanied By Greenish Discharge?
Illustration: Causes Of Itching And Pain In The Ear, Accompanied By Greenish Discharge?

My doctor is a 24-year-old male teenager. I routinely clean my ears both inside and outside using face soap. At that time I searched my ears in 2016 I used a corrugated cotton bud, I wonder why after that my ears were sharp but it didn’t hurt using the ear drops, the ear drops disappeared, the ears didn’t release any liquid, but when I feel it’s time to clean my left ear, it’s always show itching in the ear canal when I clean always always comes out earwax colored green old moss does not smell strange does not release fluid but the ears only slightly hurt after scraping sometimes very rare) drinking hangouts suddenly a little pain in the left ear too and the right ear is always clean very little dirt and it seems dry does my ear have the possibility of slight irritation? or is the moss green color in the earwax unnatural?

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Hi Wijayadharma,

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Normal earwax is small in number with a yellowish or brownish color, without any other complaints, either itching or pain. If you experience itching and pain in the ears, accompanied by green discharge, obviously this condition is not natural. It is possible that your complaint was caused by:

Otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) Otitis externa (inflammation of the external ear) Infusion of insects or other foreign matter (including facial cleansing soap or cotton buds left behind) Piles of earwax (often triggered by being pushed by a cotton bud) Tear eardrums (can occur) due to infections, sudden changes in pressure, punctures), etc. The complaints that appear on your ears are often not dangerous. However, if left unchecked, accompanied by bad habits that are not changed (ie the habit of scraping the ears with a cotton bud or putting cleansing soap in the ear), then the impact can be more severe. It is not impossible, this will also affect your hearing function later. Therefore, before it's too late, you should first check your complaints to the ENT doctor or specialist, right? Through a special tool (otoscope), the doctor can explore more deeply the condition of your ears so that proper handling can be done.

At this time, you should no longer put anything into your ear carelessly (including cotton buds or cleansing soap). To maintain ear hygiene, you can simply clean the outside area. As for the inner area, you just need to make sure your ears are always dry and not possessed by insects or other foreign matter. You can periodically control your doctor or ENT specialist once every 6 months to clean your earwax.

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