Causes Of Itching Around The Thighs To Black Spots?

Illustration of Causes Of Itching Around The Thighs To Black Spots?
Illustration: Causes Of Itching Around The Thighs To Black Spots?

Excuse me. R n My sister suddenly complained, itching itching around the thighs, and for a long time she had black spots, what’s the cause? R nIs it because my sister and I take care of the cat? R nThank you

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Hello Nur Fitri. Thank you for asking

Itching in one part of the body can interfere with a person's activities and make a person feel uncomfortable, especially if it disturbs our sleep because we often wake up due to itching. Black spots on the thighs accompanied by itching can be caused by several factors. Several skin diseases often have almost the same clinical picture, therefore more detailed information is needed. In addition, to determine abnormalities or disorders of the skin, direct examination by a doctor is needed to see the shape of the abnormality, accompanying symptoms and location.

Pruritus or an itching sensation occurs in our bodies when several small protein compounds are produced by the body in response to inflammation. Itching itching can be caused by diseases of the skin or other organs in the body. However, black spots on the thighs accompanied by itching can be caused by the following factors:

Dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin that is usually accompanied by itching and a red skin rash

Tinea (fungal infection), a fungal skin infection on the thighs that usually appears on the inside of the thighs, often causes irritation and itching, a rash that is red (initially) or brown in color different from the surrounding skin
Hyperpigmentation due to inflammation

Some of the risk factors that can trigger tinea infection:

Often use the public dressing room
Living in a humid and warm environment
Sharing utensils such as towels, blankets or clothes
Frequent contact with animals infected with fungi
Lack of personal hygiene

If the pain and itching gets worse, there is swelling, burning and redness, contact your doctor for proper examination and treatment based on the results of the diagnosis. If the results of the examination do find a yeast infection, the doctor will give you anti-fungal drugs to treat the yeast infection and anti-itching drugs to treat the itching.

Some tips you can do yourself:

Keep your body clean by showering 2 times a day
As much as possible avoid using the bathroom in public places
Wear clean, dry clothes
Don't scratch the infected thigh, so it doesn't get worse
Don't wear underwear or trousers that are too tight
Enough rest

May be useful. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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