Causes Of Itching On The Inside Of The Knee?

Illustration of Causes Of Itching On The Inside Of The Knee?
Illustration: Causes Of Itching On The Inside Of The Knee? Bing

, want to ask. I often feel itchy on the inside of the knee. But not on the skin, actually on the back of the knee. Why is that and how do you fix it? The thing is, if it’s itching again, I feel like I straighten my legs like a split and then my body is pulled to my knees. Thanks

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Good morning, thanks for asking on Alodoker. Itching or pruritus is an uncomfortable sensation that prompts a person to scratch certain areas. Although it often occurs on the skin, the sensation of itching, along with other sensations such as heat, cold, touch and pain, is transmitted by nerve fibers throughout the body.

In your case, itching that is located unnaturally like inside the knee could be a symptom of a neurological disorder, it could be due to a viral infection, autoimmune disorder, stress, side effects of drugs and so on.

What is clear, although itching is usually associated with skin disorders, because the itching you feel is not on the skin, you should check your condition with a neurologist. Your neurologist will detect whether you have any abnormalities in the nerves and provide further treatment if there is a tendency towards it.

Meanwhile reduce activity, avoid stress and cigarette smoke, and pay attention to whenever the itching appears and disappears as additional information to your doctor. I hope you and your family are always healthy.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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