Causes Of Itchy Back Like Being Stabbed?

Illustration of Causes Of Itchy Back Like Being Stabbed?
Illustration: Causes Of Itchy Back Like Being Stabbed? Bing

I want to ask why my back feels itchy and feels stabbed?? It feels lost keeps coming again lost comes again

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Hi May,

You need to check this directly to the doctor to see what is the cause of the itching and prickling sensation. Especially if this happens repeatedly and is quite annoying.

Possible causes are:

Presence of contact dermatitis
Insect bites

Notalgia paresthetica, which is a neuropathic sensory disease of the back with symptoms of recurrent itching and pain

Some of the tips below can help you:

Wear loose and breathable clothes
Keep your skin clean
Do a medical check-up to see if there are other diseases that accompany or are the cause, for example: diseases related to the vertebrae / spine.
Topical itching medication can help, for example: Calamine anti-itch powder

So, hopefully it can help you

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