Causes Of Itchy Red Spots Occur When Feeling Hot And Late In Bathing?

Illustration of Causes Of Itchy Red Spots Occur When Feeling Hot And Late In Bathing?
Illustration: Causes Of Itchy Red Spots Occur When Feeling Hot And Late In Bathing?

Good morning Dr., My name is Given, Woman. 20 years. Since I was around 10 years old, I experienced a disorder that tends to occur on my skin. I do not understand what the main cause is, but as long as I have learned, this disorder occurs when I feel hot, then sweat and then I take a shower late. (For example, I usually take a shower at 17,000 in the afternoon, but because there are some other activities, I take a shower at 19.00 and above). This disturbance on my skin is an itchy red spots which immediately make a round on my skin. It often occurs in the area of ​​the folds of the hands, on the backs of the hands, and on the skin of the hands which are usually called veins (I don’t know what parts of the hands are called) after itching, then my skin is like peeling. Like the shape (Changing the skin on the hands), it makes me a little upset, because the thing that happened to my neck also happened to the folds of my left eye. Skli often experience the same complaints as being necked, but when it occurs usually after I apply eye makeup ie (eyeliner) not just 1 brand but it also happens to other people) Oh yes, after I observed too, my skin is rarely very oily, which I concluded myself my skin is very dry. Does my complaint have something to do with my skin type like this? If you wish, please give me an answer that is directly specific to my question. Thank you.

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Hello Given,

Thank you for the question.

Round red spots on the skin that feel itchy, dry, and often peel off, especially in the hands, neck, and eye folds most likely refer to fungal infections. There are many types of fungi that can infect the skin and cause clinical complaints like this, for example cutaneous candidiasis, tinea versicolor (tinea versicolor), tinea manum, tinea corporis, and so on. This fungus is easier to infect when the skin is moist, including when you sweat, feel hot, and take a late shower as you mentioned. Poor immune system, poor personal hygiene, and close contact with other fungal infections sufferers can increase your risk of developing this fungal skin infection.

In addition to fungal infections, other skin conditions, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, impetigo, ichthyosis vulgaris, contact dermatitis (for example due to inappropriate use of soap or cosmetics), etc. may also trigger complaints like this. Distinguishing these various possibilities should be done through direct examination by a doctor or dermatologist. Not infrequently, additional tests, such as allergy tests, blood tests, or certain skin tissue sampling, also need to be done to be able to detect the exact cause of your complaint.

Our advice is that you go and check yourself directly at the nearest health facility so that you are given the right treatment, right now. You can do the initial treatment first as follows:

Prevent skin from sweating excessively, how to:
Be diligent at least 2 times a day
Wear clothes that are soft, cool and absorb sweat
Limit excessive physical activity in the hot sun
Improve air circulation in the place where you live and activities
Do not use clothes or tight pants
If possible, use air conditioning so that the room is not hot

Although itchy, don't scratch your skin excessively, especially with dirty hands or nails
Sprinkle salicyl powder on the itchy skin
Do not carelessly exchange personal belongings with others, including toiletries, towels, clothes and cosmetics
Drink more
Avoid contact with substances that might irritate or irritate the skin
Maintain endurance by regular breaks and live a healthy lifestyle

Hope this helps ...

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