Causes Of Late Menstruation For More Than A Week?

Illustration of Causes Of Late Menstruation For More Than A Week?
Illustration: Causes Of Late Menstruation For More Than A Week? Bing

rnI am more than a week late for my period from last month’s period..rnLast intercourse was more or less last month.. but it was bleedingrnThen at 3 am I had stomach crampsrnrnWhy yes ?

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If there is a history of having sex with late menstruation, you should do a pack test first to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Some causes of bleeding during early pregnancy include:

Normal bleeding due to hormonal changes causes softening and an increase in blood vessels in the cervix which causes easy bleeding, for example during sex. However, this bleeding is usually light or spotting. Miscarriage will be accompanied by symptoms such as heartburn and abdominal pain that radiates to the waist. The severity of the bleeding depends on the type of miscarriage. Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb). Can be accompanied by symptoms of severe abdominal pain, especially if there is bleeding in the stomach or called an interrupted ectopic pregnancy. Infection, can be accompanied by other symptoms such as vaginal discharge that smells, yellow-green, pain when urinating and pain when urinating. Pregnant with grapes (mola). It is very rare and can be accompanied by nausea, excessive vomiting with abdominal enlargement that exceeds the estimated gestational age. However, if the results are negative or not pregnant, this bleeding can be caused by a temporary hormonal imbalance. The menstrual cycle is influenced by female hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, these two hormones can change so that if there is a hormonal imbalance, the menstrual cycle can become irregular in the form of more frequent, late, heavier, less bleeding, longer or longer cycles. fast. Some of the normal triggers of a hormonal imbalance include:

Physical exhaustion. Psychological stress. Overweight or too thin. Weight loss or gain. Birth control containing hormones such as pills, injections or implants. However, you need to be careful if it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

Bleeding profusely and over a long period of time. Irregular menstrual cycles for long periods of time. Severe abdominal pain during menstruation Smelly and profuse vaginal discharge. To make sure you should check with your doctor and if necessary an ultrasound examination. Here's the information:

Watch out for abnormal menstrual cycles.

Bleeding during early pregnancy, this is what needs to be done.

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