Causes Of Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Causes Of Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Causes Of Late Menstruation?

Hi r nI have a problem about my menstrual cycle r nI have menstruation on the 30th of April to 5th May r nWhat is the cause?

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The uterus is composed of 3 layers, starting from the outermost, namely the perimetrium, myometrium, and the endometrium. Menstruation results from the shedding of the endometrial lining which occurs due to insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients. The cause is hormonal fluctuations in the body that affect the proliferation of blood vessels in the uterine wall as a result of not fertilizing an egg by a sperm cell.

Under normal conditions, menstruation will last for 2 to 8 days and repeat every 21 to 35 days. Therefore, if you look at the duration of your menstruation, which is around 5 to 6 days, then this condition is normal.

If what you mean is that your menstrual period hasn't come yet (after 31 days from the first day of your previous menstruation), then this condition doesn't always mean abnormalities. Some women can have menstrual cycles that are prolonged from time to time, due to the effects of stress, fatigue, drug side effects, birth control side effects, and so on. As long as the distance between your periods does not exceed 35 days, you don't need to worry about excessive complaints.

The following steps you can take to make menstruation run more regularly:

Manage stress well, calm your mind Diligently exercise to maintain stamina, endurance, and also hormonal balance in the body Maintain ideal body weight Eat more antioxidants, for example vegetables, fruit, nuts, water Reduce fatty foods, high in calories , preservative, instant However, if menstruation still does not come, you need to be aware of other possibilities, for example pregnancy, ovarian cysts, thyroid gland disorders, hypothalamic gland disorders, and so on. You can do a direct examination of a gynecologist to determine the best treatment for your complaint.

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