Causes Of Late Talking In Children Aged 2 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of Late Talking In Children Aged 2 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of Late Talking In Children Aged 2 Years?

Good evening doctor, I’m the mother of a girl aged 2 th 10 months. In June my child will be 3 years old, my child is active and healthy. that worries me, my child cannot speak clearly. He spoke only the words behind him, like bathing for example he said only “ndi”, then said the father’s words he only spoke “sir” and the others also just the words behind him. But to speak of ice, water, which only speaks one word he can say. for the vocabulary that I teach a lot and he can follow it but yes if the words are long only the back is clear which he says. I have also trained the command for him and he wants to listen and do it. But when he was concentrated with his toys, dolls or when he was playing with his friend when he called, he didn’t immediately look, I had to call him again and then he looked. My child has never played cellphones, only watched TV songs of children / children’s films. I want to ask whether my daughter can be categorized as experiencing speech delays? What should I do so that my child can speak clearly and the words form a sentence? Every day I practice it to form 2 words like going to drink, which my child says only “num “. Please help the doctor and thank you for your attention

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Good morning, thanks for asking at We understand your concern. The ability to speak is indeed one of the basic abilities that must be possessed since youth and its development is one aspect that must be mastered by parents.

Regarding the overall development of children, what needs to be understood is that each child has different stages of development. There is no exact formula that at the age of 6 months, at 9 months, at 2 years old, children should be able to do this and that, then in the medical world, it is mentioned the range. At the age range of 2-3 years, there are children who may already be able to speak well, but it is still difficult to understand directions and vice versa. There are also those who are able to say clearly, but cannot combine two words together.

In general, in this age range, the abilities that children should have in terms of communication are:

Mastering about 50 vocabulary words
Can start combining two words at once
Can mention parts of the body, such as ears, nose, eyes or simple objects around them
Able to understand and carry out simple commands

Among the signs of delay that you need to watch out for are only being able to say certain words or sounds over and over, not using words when communicating, having very few matching words, not being able to carry out simple commands, not knowing body organs, not being able to ask questions, and the words cannot be understood. In your case, just being able to say the last syllable of the word in question is indeed a slightly ambiguous condition, because it means he knows that the word exists and for what purpose it is intended.

Our advice, you should take your child to the pediatrician, to have a test that truly tests his overall ability, not only communication, but also gross, fine motor movements and social abilities. That way, if there is interference, your pediatrician will find out and can immediately determine the best treatment, such as speech therapy and so forth.

Meanwhile, keep stimulating by saying simple words in front of him, making the situation pleasant, and staying patient in teaching it. So, hopefully answering your question.

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