Causes Of Left Back Pain When Pressed

Illustration of Causes Of Left Back Pain When Pressed
Illustration: Causes Of Left Back Pain When Pressed

Night Doc. I want to ask. My left back hurts when I press on the dock. I also had difficulty breathing because of the pain from my back. I usually breathe through my mouth, if you use your nose, it hurts. Just sleep hard. Only when it is supine. Bowing hurts. I guess why do you dock?

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Hello Iva, thank you for asking at

Scoliosis is a spinal disorder in which the spine becomes curved like the letters C or S. The cause of this condition is generally not known with certainty but can be triggered by several factors such as:

Spinal cord injury
Spinal infection
Spinal joints that are not good enough
Impaired nerve and muscle function that supports the spine

In general, this condition does not cause complaints or only cause discomfort in the back (with or without any emphasis on the back area). But if it is heavy (the spine is very curved), it can certainly cause respiratory problems such as shortness of breath.

The complaint that you are experiencing at this time can indeed be caused by a scoliosis, especially if there is clearly visible curvature in the back, but it can also be caused by other conditions such as pinched nerves, back muscle strain, injury to the spine or kidney stone disease.

Because your complaints appear to be quite severe and disrupt your daily activities, it is highly recommended to check the complaint further to the doctor for evaluation so that it can be determined what causes your complaint, including to determine whether you have scoliosis or not, and what therapy that should be given for your condition. During the examination and therapy process, it is also very possible that you will be advised to carry out certain examinations to ascertain the cause, such as spinal X-rays, ultrasound of the kidneys and others according to the doctor's consideration.

In the meantime, besides going to the doctor, there are some suggestions that you can try to do at home such as:

Limit movements that aggravate your complaint such as bending or lifting heavy objects
Use a flat and fairly hard sleeping pad while complaints are still felt
Avoid over-massaging the area that has complaints
You are allowed to take pain medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen in accordance with the dosage on the package until further advice from the doctor who examined you
Improve posture both during activity and rest

I hope this helps.

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