Causes Of Long Menstruation?

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in the morning…rnI am Sulis, a housewife with one child, I am still 24 years old.rnThis month, I began to menstruate on January 2, but until I entered the third week, it was not finished. I did take the lactation mainstay pill, did that have an effect too? rnThank you, please provide a solution…

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Hi Sulis. The condition that you experience where the menstrual period is longer can be said to be a condition of menorrhagia. Previously, have you been using your lactation birth control pills for a long time? In general, irregular menstruation can be caused by

1. Unhealthy life patterns such as limiting excessive food intake, physical fatigue and lack of rest

2. Psychological stress

3. Presence of certain clinical conditions such as pelvic inflammation, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis

4. Pregnancy

5. The use of contraception, especially the use of hormonal contraception, in this case, birth control pills, injectable birth control, implants can affect. Non-hormonal birth control such as IUDs can also have the same effect

Consult your doctor, especially if it occurs in the next cycle. What you can do is

1. Consume iron-containing foods such as lean meat, liver, beets, spinach to help replace lost red blood cells

2. Get enough rest

3. Manage stress

4. Consumption of balanced nutritional food and increase the consumption of water

5. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Here's about irregular menstruation. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Greetings, Dr. Alyssa

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