Causes Of Loss Of Interest In Any Activity?

Illustration of Causes Of Loss Of Interest In Any Activity?
Illustration: Causes Of Loss Of Interest In Any Activity?

I want to ask, I feel a loss of interest in any activity and everyday I just stay at home because I don’t have any interest in my activities and I also can’t sleep well

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Complaints about losing interest in any activity so that you are only at home and complaints of being unable to sleep as usual are likely to be triggered by anxiety or stress that you are facing. This anxiety or stress you may not be aware of directly or even you do realize there are several things related to the burden of thoughts that bother you and bother you.

Patients with anxiety or increased stress levels often feel complaints can not focus on something, often forget, often feel disturbed to start sleeping or often wake up during sleep, or can also be accompanied by headaches, no enthusiasm and uncomfortable digestive complaints. This can happen especially if the stress or the burden of the mind does not go away or has not found a way out of what is felt or thought. So that if the stress condition lasts for days or even weeks will increase complaints - complaints that interfere with the comfort of the body, interfere with productivity and can interfere with health.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to identify whether there is a burden on the mind that you are experiencing, there is no psychological influence that aggravates you. Some of the conditions below can trigger anxiety and stress that you might feel, such as:

 Economic problems Social problems Work problems Family problems Amorous problems Study problems Health problems being suffered However, it does need to be identified and confirmed directly by you and also you need to make sure whether the problems that may arise are affecting your comfort.

Apart from stress or anxiety, several other conditions can also trigger complaints that are almost the same, such as:

 Accumulated physical fatigue The habit of staying up late or not getting enough sleep, which can cause sleep disturbance when you need better sleep, which in turn affects your stamina and enthusiasm. uncomfortable doing Obesity, especially when you feel your body is tired However, all this needs to be ascertained directly by your family doctor or your psychiatrist, especially if within the next 2 days, these complaints still persist and bother you. The doctor will conduct an interview and physical examination as well as a psychiatric examination. Investigations can be planned to ensure the presence or absence of health problems that affect it. The results of the examination will be a reference in providing care and treatment for you. Thus, this complaint improves immediately and you can move as usual.

Some other efforts you can also do to help reduce this complaint, such as:

 Avoid using cell phones, tv, computers at your bedtime. Do light exercise in the morning. Try to condition the environment around you sleep, to help you more comfortable starting to sleep. Avoid conflicts. Consume more water and fresh juice. That's the info we can convey.

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