Causes Of Loss Of Memory Of Events Before The Coma?

Illustration of Causes Of Loss Of Memory Of Events Before The Coma?
Illustration: Causes Of Loss Of Memory Of Events Before The Coma?

Doctor, I’m Neyy, in 2014, I was in a motorcycle accident, until now I don’t really remember when I was taken to the hospital, treated, on x ray, I realized when I was brought home with my right foot (broken ankle) that’s the most severe .. A week after I realized, ± one month that I was confused, in one day, I bnhun to eat (5wakyu prayer) the rest came straight and forgot all that I had eaten or not. Then ± the second month I began to return to normal, so my question was “did I experience a coma before I realized if I had an accident? And whether in the month after realizing that, I was affected by mild amnesia ??? dr.

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Memory loss often occurs in someone who has a head injury. Some disorders that cause memory loss other than due to head injury, include:

Alzheimer's disease
Effects of alcohol
Effects of drugs
Disorders in the brain such as brain infections, anoxia / lack of oxygen in the brain

Amnesia is divided into reterograde amnesia (difficult to remember memories or past events) and anterograde (difficult to remember memories or events that just happened). The cause of amnesia is often due to trauma to the head, infection in the brain, tumors, epilepsy, etc.

Related to your complaint, it is difficult to prove whether you have ever experienced a coma or not without supporting medical history data when you undergo treatment after a trauma accident occurred. Coma is a condition in which a person's consciousness decreases, and is not always accompanied by memory loss. While amnesia suspicion may occur because amnesia can occur temporarily or permanently. Another possibility is the effect of post-therapeutic drugs that can affect the performance of your brain, making it possible to experience delays in the process of remembering something. Please note that the impact when trauma occurs can affect memory function in the brain both temporarily and permanently. In some cases, there are also abnormalities in the structure of the brain that can affect memory function. Examination with a CT scan or MRI is quite useful to find out the exact cause of organic abnormalities in the human brain.

As long as the memory disturbance that you are experiencing does not interfere with your daily activities, then you don't need to worry about it.

To prevent complaints from recurring, it helps you do the following things:

Be careful when driving and always use a helmet to protect your head
Perform activities that can sharpen the brain such as reading, thinking, filling in crosswords, etc.
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Regular exercise
Get enough rest
Avoid stress and fatigue
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol consumption

If you feel the complaint has not improved, then do not hesitate to carry out consultations and examinations to your GP or the nearest neurologist. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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