Causes Of Low Back Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Low Back Pain?
Illustration: Causes Of Low Back Pain?

hello, permission to ask yes, what are the complications of low back pain or often called low back pain if not treated immediately. are there any serious complications

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Low back pain (low back pain, LBP) can be many possible causes, mainly related to degenerative disorders and injuries, for example over stretched muscles or ligaments, herniation of the pulposus nucleus, inflammation of the joints, spinal curvature abnormalities (such as lordosis, scoliosis, kifosis) , liming, and so on. Other factors, such as aging, lack of exercise, obesity, posture that is not ergonomic, smoking habits, also a depressed psychological condition can further aggravate lower back pain.

Depending on the cause and severity, lower back pain may require various treatments, some are given medication, physiotherapy, surgery, or maybe other therapeutic modalities. If this treatment is not done adequately, the complications that may arise can also be different. In mild cases, low back pain that is handled inadequately may only limit activity and reduce the quality of life of sufferers. However, in other cases, this condition can also cause respiratory problems, an increased risk of fractures, and many other more serious complications.

Therefore, you should, if you suffer from low back pain, immediately consult a doctor or neurologist to be given the best treatment so that the risk of dangerous complications can be prevented huh ..

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