Causes Of Low Blood Pressure In Adolescents 16 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of Low Blood Pressure In Adolescents 16 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of Low Blood Pressure In Adolescents 16 Years?

I am 16 years old and my blood pressure is 80/60, the doctor said that the medicine was already HBsed and there was no change it had something to do with the nerves in the stomach ..

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Hello Noryati,

Low blood pressure or hypotension causes insufficient blood flow to the organs. It is said to be low if the results of blood pressure measurements are below 90/60 mmHg. Symptoms that are often experienced are headache, nausea, chest pain, lightheaded vision, feelings of drifting or imbalance, especially when changing positions from sleeping to sitting or standing.

Hypotension can be caused by several conditions such as:

lack of blood volume (most often due to bleeding), dehydration, pregnancy, medical history, hormonal disorders, heart problems, deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid, disorders of the nerves You should ask further whether the suspected disease referred to by the examining doctor you? In addition, you also do not provide complete information about the drugs that your doctor provides so that we cannot explain in detail about the neurological disease you are asking about and how severe it is.

Generally there are two disorders of the nerves that cause low blood pressure, namely orthostatic hypotension (when there is a change in position or when standing too long), or in a fairly rare condition called Shy-Drager Syndrome, which is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system (involuntary nervous system regulate blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and digestion).

All you need to do at home is get adequate rest, avoid stress and consume nutritious foods, especially those that contain lots of B vitamins such as nuts. You should immediately see a doctor if you experience one or more symptoms such as chest pain, confusion, body feeling cold or pale, and breathing that is too fast or too slow.

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