Causes Of Lower Abdominal Pain In Men?

Illustration of Causes Of Lower Abdominal Pain In Men?
Illustration: Causes Of Lower Abdominal Pain In Men?

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Hernia or which in layman's language is often referred to as winding down is a condition where the contents of the abdominal cavity come out of the abdominal cavity through a hole in the muscle or connective tissue. Under normal conditions the muscles and connective tissue should be strong enough to hold the contents of the abdominal cavity to remain in place. In people with risks such as old age, history of working with heavy lifting for long periods of time, chronic coughing, abdominal muscle injury, or surgical complications, muscle or connective tissue weakness can occur so hernias can occur.

Various types of hernias can be found, namely:

Inguinal hernia
Umbilical hernia
Femoral Hernia
Hernralis hernia
Incisional hernia
Diaphragmatic hernia

Hiatus hernias, and so on

Symptoms generally appear as lumps disappearing, lumps appear enlarged when carrying heavy loads or while straining, lumps arise when coughing or sneezing, discomfort / pain in the stomach, and constipation. Hernias need to get a direct examination from a doctor because there is a risk of squeezing the structure of organs in the abdomen causing organ death that results in infection and septic shock.

In your husband, it must be ascertained whether the symptoms of abdominal pain are due to hernias. Generally abdominal pain accompanied by persistent diarrhea can occur in conditions:

Ulcerative colitis
Chron's disease
Intestinal infections due to parasites, bacteria, viruses, or fungi
Intestinal tumor
Irritable bowel syndrome
You should consult with a doctor of internal medicine so that further tests can be done such as blood checks in the lab, ultrasound, CT-scan, or MRI. Please do not take medication without doctor's advice because it will aggravate diarrhea and avoid massage of the abdominal area because of the risk of organ injury in the stomach or adhesions of structures in the stomach. Regarding premature ejaculation complaints, you can consult with an andrologist. There should be no direct relationship between abdominal pain and diarrhea with premature ejaculation, because both are in different channels.
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