Causes Of Lower Left Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Lower Left Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Causes Of Lower Left Abdominal Pain?

AssalamualaikumDok, lower left abdomen precisely below the navel slightly to the left, abdomen near the groin ,, my stomach part that I explain is if I press it rather uncomfortable, feels until the back of the stomach, urinating I normally and smoothly, but I often pass gas. Then when I tifur facing to the right, the left side of the stomach feels dangling, and my back also sometimes feels a bit painful, the left leg also feels achy sometimes. Is it because of stress? Is it because of the influence of sleeping too, because I sleep using a double bed, if I sleep all night on the mattress, my stomach becomes a hollow downward, so that my body when I sleep is like the letter “u”. Thank you in advance

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Hi Rendi,

Stomach pain is one of the complaints that are often encountered everyday. Most of these complaints are usually triggered by a mild and harmless condition, however in severe or persistent abdominal pain it should be checked by a doctor because it can be caused by a more serious medical condition. Here are some conditions that can cause lower left abdominal pain:

 Injury, physical trauma, wrong sleeping position Gastroenteritis Appendicitis Inflammation of the large intestine Chron disease Some of the conditions above such as chronic disease can indeed be influenced by stress factors so that complaints can worsen / settle if you do experience the condition.

Because these complaints often cause interference, I strongly recommend that you consult yourself directly to the doctor to ascertain the cause of the complaint so that appropriate treatment can be given. The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, perform physical examinations and supporting examinations such as abdominal ultrasound or gastrointestinal binoculars (endoscopy) if needed.

If the complaint is caused by incorrect sleeping position or physical trauma, the doctor will advise you to avoid positions / activities that cause pain and prescribe pain medications such as paracetamol to help deal with complaints. If the complaint is caused by chronic disease, the doctor will conduct an evaluation and treatment in the form of symptomatic drugs (according to symptoms) and anti-inflammation until the surgical procedure if necessary.

The following recommendations for you:

 Avoid conditions that can trigger complaints Manage stress wisely Consumption of soft foods that are easily digested Immediately consult a doctor if complaints persist or worsen Hopefully useful,

dr. Budiono

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