Causes Of Lumps Appear In The Gums?

Illustration of Causes Of Lumps Appear In The Gums?
Illustration: Causes Of Lumps Appear In The Gums?

Hello, at the bottom of the left tooth at the very back there is a lump … that’s why yes

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Lumps in the gums can arise due to several possibilities, including:

Gum cysts, generally painless and do not cause any symptoms, grow around cavities or dead teeth (only roots remain)
abscess, feels very painful and can secrete pus
fibroma, which is a benign tumor in the gum that appears due to irritation or injury to the previous gum
pyogenic granulomas, lumps that look reddish / purple like filled with blood, do not feel painful
wisdom teeth that are growing
oral cancer

To ensure this, a direct examination must be carried out. It is better to consult with your dentist so that you can evaluate the lump directly on your gums. If it really hurts, the lump bleeds easily, or if there are deep cavities around the lump, if the examination should be done immediately and do not delay.

If the lump is very painful and disturbing, you can compress the outside of the cheek on the side of the pain with cold compresses / ice cubes and take pain relievers such as paracetamol. Gargling with salt water can also help reduce inflammation and pain. Make sure you keep brushing your teeth regularly, take 2x a day morning and night.

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