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Good .. There is a lump in the left breast below the curve. My 1st operation was in June 2017, the tissue that was taken was immediately examinedrnlab, with the results of tissuern2x2x1cm chewy brown. Microscopic: the left mammary region was prepared in the form of a tumor mass consisting of groups of acini lined with simple cuboidal epithelium, slightly enlarged cystic ducts surrounded by hyalinized fibrocollagenous connective tissue and mature fat cells. No signs of malignancy were found. And last night I did the 2nd operation because beside the surgery a new lump grew u0026amp; it hurts like the 1st operation. The tissue that was operated on was shaped like a mulberry fruit (the surface had nodules) the size was less than 1.5 cm and it was reddish in color with a slightly creamy color, it was supple. This 2nd operation, is it okay if the results are not checked in the lab, are the results the same as the 1st operation?rnIs there a chance that another lump will grow in the breast (I’ve been taking care of my diet, sleeping, etc.) ? Is it possible to grow a lump on the right breast?rnWhy can a new lump still grow even though I have taken care of my diet (by not consuming msg, canned food, fatty foods, etc.) ?rnIs there anything to do with my irregular menstruation? regularly (because it’s homonal?)rnDoc, on February 21, 2018 yesterday I also had a laparoscopic surgery for a dermoid cyst on my left ovary.rnI was advised by the doctor for hormone therapy, to improve menses u0026amp; my hormones.rnWhat is hormone therapy?rnWhat is the function of hormone therapy?rnDoctors also recommend getting married quickly, can marriage improve a person’s hormones?rnBecause almost 1 year I have 3 times surgery (1st left breast surgery, 2nd surgery for left ovarian dermoid cyst,u0026amp; now the 3rd operation on my breast) what is the doctor’s advice for the things I’m experiencing?rnFor attention u0026amp; I thank you doctor for advice.

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at A lump in the breast is often a cause for concern because the appearance of a lump is often associated with cancer. In fact, not all lumps, especially those in the breast, are cancer. In fact, 80% of breast lumps are not cancer. A lump in the breast can be caused by the following:

FAM (Fibroadenoma mammae): one of the most common benign protrusions. Usually not painful, not hard and can shift its location. Fibrocystic changes: changes originating in one of the breast structures due to hormonal changes during menstruation. These fibrocystic changes can be painful, cause nipple discharge and can change the size of the breast. Simple cysts: They are fluid-filled lumps that can be hard or soft and large or small depending on the menstrual cycle. This condition does not require surgery and can be treated simply by sucking the fluid through a syringe.

For other possibilities, you can find out by clicking the following link to our article about Breast Lump and Breast Lump Alert.

In your case, we can't assure you that the first result is the same as the second, because we didn't see both. What is clear is that if the symptoms you feel, the characteristics of the lump you feel, as well as the doctor who treated you when the first and second lumps were the same, if your doctor stated the same, then it should be the same. However, if you are worried, even though your doctor has advised you not to do the examination, you can still ask for the tissue to be examined, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

These lumps, although harmless and have been removed, can still grow again, as well as on the other breast. This is because the original tissue of the lump is still there, namely breast tissue. And the trigger, namely hormones, will still be there. So actually, your doctor's advice by maintaining your diet, sleeping, dietary restrictions and so on is more to minimize the possibility of it happening again, not eliminating it completely.

So when the lump appears again, for example, what is in your understanding should not be the healthy lifestyle that you have lived so far, but if you have not lived that lifestyle all this time, it could be that the lump appears earlier, and maybe more and bigger. . Since menstruation is strongly influenced by hormones, the two conditions are clearly related.

Hormone therapy is a therapy that is done to inhibit the growth of lumps or tumors that are sensitive to hormones, especially hormones called estrogen and progesterone. This therapy uses drugs that can help you to avoid the adverse effects of these hormones on tumors, cysts or cancer, or by operating on the parts that produce hormones, such as the ovaries. If you want to know more, you can click the following link to our article on Hormone Therapy.

Our advice to you, just as your doctor said, live a good lifestyle by staying away from stress, fatty foods, junk food, fast food, maintaining an ideal body weight and the like. Because even though it may not be visible, this good lifestyle saves you from various kinds of diseases as a whole, and from breast lumps in particular. However, it does come back, as we said, the possibility of it appearing will still be there, but smaller.

In addition, you should pay attention to the danger signs, namely when the lump grows rapidly, hard, cannot be moved or moved, the skin around the lump becomes like orange peel, discharge from the nipple, there is bleeding and there is drastic weight loss for no apparent reason. If that happens, revisit your doctor immediately. So, hopefully useful.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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