Causes Of Lumps In The Collarbone?

Illustration of Causes Of Lumps In The Collarbone?
Illustration: Causes Of Lumps In The Collarbone?

Afternoon …, introduce me to the age of 25 years Mega already married and have 1 child. 2 days I have a fever and chills, the first day I wake up feeling shoulder aches and headaches and body chills. I think maybe this dizziness is the cause because there are pimples that grow. During the day I tried to know who knew dizziness, shoulders and shivering disappeared but it turned out that it wasn’t, but now I was dizzy and shivering still turned out right when I tried to check my shoulders and neck. What disease do you think is dangerous or not? Thank you

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Hello. Good morning. Thank you for asking

Related to these lumps, it should be noted and conveyed since when complaints are felt, how the development of lumps will enlarge rapidly, whether accompanied by pain that spreads or is localized, how long has the fever accompanied by coughing or runny nose, whether there is a history of previous pain. For some possible diagnoses are

- enlarged lymph nodes

- lipoma

- lymph node tumor (lymphoma)

The most common condition is enlargement of the lymph nodes which are generally associated with conditions of infection such as flu or infections of the respiratory tract or urinary tract or others. When an infection occurs, the body will respond by increasing the production of white blood cells to fight the condition of the infection where the production is mostly in the lymph nodes so that increased production will affect the enlargement that occurs. Usually the lump is about 1 to 2 cm in size and is usually accompanied by pain. After the infection is cured it will usually be followed by a reduction in lymph nodes.

However, if the lump persists about 2 weeks after respiratory infections or other sites heal, it is necessary to consider again whether the lump is fixed or enlarged, whether accompanied by pain, whether there is a history in the family. Because this can be related to lumps like lipoma or lymphoma.

Lipomas are benign lumps like growing flesh and lumps containing fat have no special handling because it is actually harmless but often feels uncomfortable, disturbing, or continues to develop can be carried out with minor surgical removal,

Lymphomas are tumors that appear in the lymph nodes or lymph nodes in the body. Some things that spur and become a risk are over 55 years of age, viral infections, decreased immune system such as HIV, diabetes, nuclear families with similar complaints, and excess weight. Symptoms experienced are a lump in the body area in general the neck, armpits, and groin. Which can be accompanied by fatigue, fever, chills, susceptible to infection, drastic weight loss. If you experience this it should be examined by a doctor and then a physical examination, blood, imaging, and biopsy to take tissue so that it can be ascertained whether it leads to malignant cells or not.

If you experience this, where the lump does not heal, gets bigger quickly, looks easy to bleed, accompanied by pain, you should consult a doctor to have a physical examination and further support.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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