Causes Of Menstrual Blood That Comes Out A Lot And Prolonged?

Illustration of Causes Of Menstrual Blood That Comes Out A Lot And Prolonged?
Illustration: Causes Of Menstrual Blood That Comes Out A Lot And Prolonged?

, I (41) haven’t had a child. Have experienced heavy bleeding in 1bl full when still a teenager with menstrual blood number 10x replace pads / hr slm 3hr consecutively accompanied by a lot of clots, and even then there was still a lot of blood that was spilled while changing pads. A brief description of the person who was after giving birth at that time I was still a virgin. I have already been treated several times starting from the general practitioner, midwife u0026amp; 2 SPOG doctors from 2 hospitals. Hsl from the lab u0026amp; some x my ultrasound was declared normal hy just a condition of hormones that are not yet mature because of the age factor that is still a teenager. I was given hormone therapy. But now my period isn’t normal. Sometimes regular, sometimes not menstrual slm 2-3th u0026amp; sometimes it also causes bleeding though not as bad as before, but now I am experiencing stomach cramps u0026amp; 2-3hr fever before menstruation. The last time I tried the consumption of Ladyfem, the recommended drug, Dr. Boyke and even then the advice from the doctor’s chat application. The body condition is far more healthy for 2 months, but now I have stopped for financial reasons. what I want is … What happened to my uterus when my doctor told me it was normal u0026amp; fertile while hgg is currently menstruating but I am in such a condition. Please explain … thank you …

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Hello Nuke,

Thank you for the question.

Menstruation with heavy and prolonged bleeding can be classified as menometrorrhagia. As your doctor said, indeed most often this condition occurs related to hormonal imbalances. Not only because of puberty, hormonal balance disorders can also be triggered by genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyles, unbalanced nutritional intake, the influence of drugs or contraception, perimenopause, stress, fatigue, thyroid gland disorders, pituitary gland disorders, chronic diseases, and many more factors. This hormonal disorder also can eventually trigger fever and stomach cramps as you often experience just before menstruation.

In addition to hormonal disorders, menometrohragia can also indicate the presence of diseases in your reproductive organs, such as endometriosis, myoma, pelvic inflammation, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, uterine polyps, adenomyosis, even pregnancy disorders, such as miscarriage.

Due to various triggers, handling of hormonal disorders that cause menstrual disorders can not be done only by relying on drugs. For optimal recovery, you need to compensate for this treatment by undergoing the following treatments:

 Discipline to apply regular sleep and wake up every day Regularly also exercise, at least 2 days for at least 30 minutes per session Eat a variety of healthy and nutritionally balanced foods, especially fruits, grains, and vegetables Keep your ideal weight Not carelessly drinking drugs, especially those that are not included in the class of over-the-counter drugs. Don't stress too much, relax more. When you feel fever and stomach cramps, get more rest while compressing cramped stomach with warm water. When finished after taking the doctor's treatment and natural treatment as we mentioned above, you should go check with your doctor or gynecologist for further evaluation and be given the right treatment according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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