Causes Of Menstrual Pain And Blood Spots After Menstruation?

Illustration of Causes Of Menstrual Pain And Blood Spots After Menstruation?
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Yes, a 19 year old woman.. I used to be in middle school (15) years, I was late for my period for 3 months and I got my period again.. but why now “My period is always painful for 4-5 days and the blood comes out.. usually 3 days already Bleeding.. is this bhaya?rnAbout 6 months ago after my menstrual period was clean for a week.. then there were very few brown spots for 2 this too dangerous? or is it because of the rest of my menstrual blood??? Please answer as detailed as possible..thanks

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Menstruation is a normal process of a woman's reproductive organs that occurs due to the influence of hormonal changes in the body. These hormonal changes do not occur immediately in one day, but are a monthly cycle that occurs continuously and repeatedly in a woman's menstrual cycle.

Pain that arises before menstruation comes out can be caused by symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which can occur a week before menstruation appears.

PMS is an early symptom of the onset of menstruation which can be indicated by =

Stomach pain.
Vaginal area pain.
Bloated feeling.
Changes in diet
vaginal discharge.

If it bothers you and worries you, then you can check with the nearest obstetrician to find out more about the cause of your complaint. The health condition of your reproductive organs can be checked using ultrasound or other blood tests to understand more about your problem. Some disease conditions such as the presence of fibroids, uterine polyps or infections of the reproductive organs can also trigger abdominal pain before and during menstruation.

Regarding the presence of spots that arise outside the menstrual period needs to be assessed carefully. If this condition is repeated frequently, then an examination to the doctor becomes very meaningful to find out if there are abnormalities in your body.

This could be caused by residual menstrual blood. But it can also be triggered by =

Cervical ectropion, a condition of the cervix that is inflamed and needs to be treated immediately.
Early signs of cancer.
Pelvic inflammatory disease.
Uterine infection.

An examination to a gynecologist will be very useful for you to get clear information about your body condition. With other physical and medical tests such as ultrasound, the obstetrician is able to inform you about what you are experiencing.

To reduce PMS symptoms, you can do some tips such as =

Manage stress.
Drink more water
Enough rest.
Take pain medication to reduce the pain you are experiencing.

Hope it is useful.

Dr. Yusi

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