Causes Of Mucus Enter The Lungs?

Illustration of Causes Of Mucus Enter The Lungs?
Illustration: Causes Of Mucus Enter The Lungs?

, the age of 40 days my child was treated 9hr in the hospital because of pneumonia, now he was 2 months old, his breath breath sounded like that, I checked with Dr. he said there was a little mucus in his lungs. I wanted to ask, what causes mucus to enter the lungs again, is there no other way to treat it besides taking prescription medication from dr? Can you just get it every day because the medicine is always vomiting again with my child?

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Hello Romantini, Thank you for the question

The walls of the respiratory tract and air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs can normally produce mucus. This mucus will be produced as a form of the body's defense system against foreign objects or irritants (for example in allergic reactions). The amount of mucus can also increase if there is a good virus or bacterial infection, such as that which occurs in pneumonia. How can your child get pneumonia? The virus or bacteria that cause it is transmitted through coughing splashes or sneezing from another infected person who is then inhaled by your child.

Do you know the doctor's diagnosis? The cause of the symptoms experienced by your child is not necessarily caused by pneumonia. Other medical conditions can also cause similar symptoms such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis, or asthma. Treatment will be given by a doctor also depends on the cause. Not all treatments can be given by nebulisation. The nebulisation procedure is usually intended to open the respiratory tract and thin the respiratory mucus. Furthermore, the nebulisation procedure for children is not easy to do because the child can feel uncomfortable and afraid so that it cannot be ascertained that all drugs enter the preparation channel. Therefore, usually the doctor will also give oral medicines. Please follow the recommended treatment by a doctor who treats your child. You are also encouraged to continue breastfeeding your child. Avoid your child from people who are sick so they are not easily infected because the child's immune system is still not optimal. Make sure your residence is well ventilated. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor again if this complaint does not improve or get worse as accompanied by high fever, the child turns blue, looks difficult to breathe, weak, or do not want to breastfeed at all.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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