Causes Of Pain And Bleeding During Sex?

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I’ve been married for 2 years and have had a 1 year old son, yesterday I had my period for 5 days, then two days later my menstrual blood didn’t come out anymore, I took a big shower and last night I had sex with my husband, it hurt like a blister the inside when I first entered, and after I finished having sex, there was quite a lot of blood like menstruation, whether it was incomplete menstruation or what, I was very worried because until now that part was still very painful,

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Pain that is quite severe during sexual intercourse followed by bleeding from the birth canal can indicate irritation of the reproductive organs. The most common cause is due to inadequate production of vaginal lubricant, for example due to:

Inadequate foreplay Having sex when stressed, tired Side effects of KB Pre menopause Vaginismus, etc. In addition, this complaint may also occur due to:

Irritation, for example due to the use of spermicides, condoms, vaginal deodorizers, scratching Infections of the reproductive organs, for example due to herpes zoster, chancroid, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. Uterine polyps Cervical cancer Vulvar cancer Pelvic inflammation, etc. If the pain is severe or bleeding profusely If it happens quite a lot, you should immediately consult a doctor. If the cause is only due to incomplete menstruation, generally the bleeding will not occur for a long time. The doctor may perform further tests, such as ultrasound, IVA test, or pap smear to determine the appropriate treatment.


Limit sexual intercourse first as long as the pain is severe enough or while there is still active bleeding from the vagina. Always keep your intimate organs clean. Avoid casual sex.

Pain during sexual intercourse

Bleeding after sex

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