Causes Of Pain And Burning In The Chest?

Illustration of Causes Of Pain And Burning In The Chest?
Illustration: Causes Of Pain And Burning In The Chest?

Good afternoon, this is the chronology, 2 years ago for the first time I felt chest pain, stomach u0026amp; hot waist, but a few months later it was cured, and I checked ecg + tredmil which stated that my heart was not problematic. R n r nI have no more chest pain and burning sensation for 2 years, but since 2 years ago until now I have felt a tingling sensation in my chest area / as if there was a tremor but did not hurt and this symptom continued non-stop. I also often experience my heart rate stop momentarily / skip then beat again with a louder beat. Please explain, I haven’t made any progress for 2 years, I want to recover because this really disturbs my concentration when my chest shakes all the time. Thank you

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Hi Charly .. Thanks for the question given.

Pain and heat in the chest can be caused by several things, including:

Raised stomach acid / GERD, is caused because the muscles that limit the esophagus and stomach are not working properly so that stomach acid can come back up into the esophagus. As a result, there are symptoms of a hot chest, a bitter and sour taste in the mouth, chest pain, bloating, belching, increased salivation.
There is a problem with the heart. Chest pain due to coronary heart disease is characterized by chest pain that feels like being crushed, pain can radiate to the arm, forehead, or left neck, accompanied by tightness, nausea. Chest pain that can improve with rest is called stable angina pectoris and only occurs briefly. Meanwhile, if the chest pain occurs for a long time and does not improve with rest, you must get help immediately.
As a result of disorders of the bones and muscles of the chest which can occur as a result of trauma or injury, due to lack of physical activity, or due to improper position when sleeping or sitting

Meanwhile, a heartbeat that feels irregular is called an arrhythmia. The heartbeat becomes too fast, too slow, also complaints of fatigue, dizziness, and fainting. The trigger of arrhythmia is hypertension, thyroid gland disorders, consuming lots of caffeine, heart valve disorders, due to disturbances in the body's electrolyte balance.

If the pain you experience persistently, interfering with your activities, heavy chest pain and does not get better with rest, chest heat to fainting and tightness, then it's a good idea to see an internal medicine doctor. So that the doctor can carry out an examination directly and can be supported by heart records, endoscopy, or echocardiography to find out the cause of your complaint.

Meanwhile, what can be done includes:

Avoid spicy, sour, sour, fatty foods
Avoid caffeine and smoking
Maintain a balance of weight
Regular exercise and multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruits

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