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So, my mother often complained of pain in her right hand after doing housework. He always felt pain at night because of the housework he did almost every day. My mother always said if her hand was raised up or rotated, then her right hand would feel sore and sore. Several times I came to the pharmacy to buy medicine, which of course was ordered by my mother. Several drugs were also recommended by pharmacists, one of which was Ancoxia (etoricoxib, MSD) 60 mg. When I drank it, my mother felt better, but after taking 6 tablets of the medicine, my mother felt numb in her hands. Finally my mother decided to stop taking the drug. My mother had gone to the puskesmas many times, but was only given medicine by the doctor at the puskesmas without any further treatment. So, what treatment should my mother do to cure her illness? Then, what drugs can my mother take to reduce the pain? And actually, what disease does my mother have?

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Hello, Ines Sela Melia, thanks for asking

Pain and numbness in the hands can be caused by several possible causes:

1.    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), or pinching of one of the nerves in the hand due to inflammation of other surrounding structures (often due to continuous activity on the painful area causing thickening), injury, or arthritis

2. De Quervain's syndrome, which is a condition where the tendons in the thumb are inflamed jari

3.    Ganglion cyst (a lump filled with fluid)

4.   Nerve disease due to diabetes

5.    Arthritis / arthritis

To determine the cause, you should check with a general practitioner again, or to a neurologist, especially if the pain is unbearable, the longer the pain is getting worse, the hands become weak (weaker than before), numb, tingling, or unable to move. Express your complaint again to the health center doctor, and ask if there is a possibility to be referred. The doctor will thoroughly examine and consider further therapy (whether it needs to be referred or not). Some of the investigations that may be needed are X-rays or MRI.

What can be done to help relieve symptoms are:

1.     Resting / not moving the painful part

2.    Take pain medication as recommended by your doctor

3.         If your hand is swollen, apply a cold compress. If the hand feels stiff, compress with warm water.

That's it, I hope it's useful.

Regards, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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