Causes Of Pain In The Forearm?

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Good morning. I am 32 years old. I have pain in my forearm, at first GK was too painful. But it took a long time to get sick and it’s been 6 months. using the upper and lower arms for SBG activities…rnHow can it be cured?

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Pain in the forearm can be caused by various causes. from the situation you are experiencing, it may be caused by tension in the muscles.

Tension in the muscles can be affected due to various reasons, such as being affected by factors such as lifting heavy objects. If you often pull a heavy rope, then your hand muscles work hard and can cause injury and strain on the arm muscles. Tension in the arm muscles can cause pain, feel like cramping, and may be accompanied by redness of the painful area.

If the situation you are experiencing is indeed caused by muscle tension due to work factors, then usually the pain will recur or repeat continuously as long as the arm muscles are still working hard continuously.

But apart from that, the situation you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

Therefore, to determine the cause of the condition you are experiencing, then you should check yourself first so that the doctor can examine your condition directly. maybe later additional examinations such as blood tests, x-rays, or CT scans will be carried out if necessary.

It is recommended that you apply a warm compress to the painful area. You can do a light massage on the painful area. Do stretches every morning in the hand area. Do not smoke. Try not to overwork the sore hand.

Here's an article that you can read about muscle pain:

Hope it is useful. thank you

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