Causes Of Pain In The Left Armpit

Illustration of Causes Of Pain In The Left Armpit
Illustration: Causes Of Pain In The Left Armpit

My mother was sick in the left armpit. At that time he had gone to the clinic and he said there was inflammation and he was given medicine. Initially better although there is pain, but the pain is still lower than the initial pain. After that he was treated again and given medicine again, but still sick and the pain became increasing even though it was not as severe as the beginning. That’s why, doc?

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Hello Gia, Thank you for the question.

Various health conditions can cause symptoms of underarm pain. Armpit pain can be caused by health problems in the surrounding skin or soft tissue, lymph nodes, nerves, muscles / bones / joints, supporting connective tissue of bones and joints (tendons or ligaments). Some of the causes of underarm pain symptoms are:

muscle injury
infection or irritation of the skin
swollen lymph nodes
breast cancer
peripheral artery disease

Encourage your mother to take the following recommendations:

avoid physical activity that involves excessive shoulder joint movement
apply warm or cold compresses on the affected armpit area
taking paracetamol according to the rules of use on the packaging of the drug if it hurts enough to bother

If these symptoms are accompanied by numbness or tingling in the arm, a lump in the armpit or breast, or difficulty moving the shoulder, please encourage your mother to re-examine herself to the nearest general practitioner so that the doctor can examine your mother directly to ascertain why so the doctor can provide treatment next.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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