Causes Of Pain In The Lower Left Abdomen?

Illustration of Causes Of Pain In The Lower Left Abdomen?
Illustration: Causes Of Pain In The Lower Left Abdomen?

I am 19 years old. I married Siri. After my menstruation the pain of urination. But now it’s not. However, pain in the lower left abdomen and clear, watery leucorrhoea is not itchy. I wonder why?

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Hi Haya,

Thank you for asking

Pain in the lower left abdomen can occur due to several conditions, for example:

Urinary tract infections or stones
Ovarian cysts (fluid-filled sacs formed due to failure of egg maturation in the ovary)
Endometriosis (growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus)
Pre menstrual syndrome (a series of symptoms that appear before menstruation)
Others, for example ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammation, muscle aches, digestive infections, myomas, food poisoning, psychological disorders, etc.

This pain, if it appears preceded by pain during urination, could be a sign that the cause is related to urinary tract disorders. Although it does not rule out the possibility also occurs due to other reasons as mentioned above. The vaginal discharge which is thin, clear and not itchy that you experience is actually not always abnormal. This condition can naturally occur due to hormonal influences, stress, or fatigue. Although it can also, vaginal discharge that comes out more indicates irritation to infection around your reproductive organs.

We suggest that you first resolve your complaint with the following steps:

Compress the painful stomach with warm water while raising the foot slightly so that the pressure around the abdomen decreases
Use comfortable clothes, don't be too tight
Eat regularly, drink more warm water
Always keep your sex organs clean
Do not use cleaning products or perfumers carelessly around the vagina
Only carry out safe and responsible sexual activities, do not have sexual relations with partners whose sexual history is unclear
Don't stress too much

If with the steps above the complaint does not improve, instead it worsens or is accompanied by other complaints that are more severe, such as fever, urinary disorders, bowel obstruction, vomiting, irregular menstruation, abnormal vaginal discharge, and so on, you better check direct yourself to the doctor, yes. If the doctor suspects that your complaint is actually due to urinary tract disorders, the doctor may refer you to a specialist in internal medicine. If your condition is suspected to be due to reproductive disorders, you can also be referred to a gynecologist.

Hope this helps ...

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