Causes Of Pain In The Right Arm?

Illustration of Causes Of Pain In The Right Arm?
Illustration: Causes Of Pain In The Right Arm? Bing

Evening, I want to ask if my arm hurts, doesn’t it? Last month I also felt the same pain in my right arm. Even though I’ve made sure that the cause is not the wrong sleep.

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Hi Shavonetalie.. Thank you for your question.

Arm pain that you experience can occur for several reasons, including:

Muscle cramps due to overactivity
After experiencing an injury in the form of a bump, fall, or crush
The presence of spinal cord clamping
Inflammation of the joints (eg: gout, osteoarthritis)

To reduce complaints, there are several things you can do:

Compress with a warm towel to reduce pain or take anti-pain medications such as paracetamol according to the dose if you feel very pain
Avoid strenuous activities using hands, or repetitive activities
Do light stretches after activity
You can do a light massage on the arm to relax the muscles

If you feel that your complaints often arise, interfere with your activities, your hands become tingling or numb, then you should see a doctor. The doctor will perform a physical examination and may be followed by a blood test to diagnose your complaint.

Hope it's useful

dr. Iriyanti

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