Causes Of Pain In The Testicles?

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Ah, reading it seems to match my illness because the two drs I met were unsatisfactory with the information on what my illness was, after I checked the disease I was suffering from to a general practitioner, the result was that I had to be removed / operated on and referred to the hospital, after being at home I was told that my illness is not dangerous, only the veins are shrinking, the doctor said at the hospital and I was given 2 kinds of medicine “6pcs only for 3 days, it didn’t work after taking the medicine instead it hurt my anchor fruit, I’m sensitive to pain, please enlightenment dr thanks

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Hi Dodi,

Thank you for asking

It needs to be clarified, what complaints are you actually experiencing that made you see a doctor? Do you experience pain in the testicles?

The testicles (scrotum) are part of the male genitalia in which there are various components, ranging from skin, muscles, testes, blood vessels, nerve fibers, and so on.

Pain in the testicles may or may not be accompanied by swelling. In the medical world, in fact there is no specific abnormality in the testicles termed "shrink veins" as you mentioned. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify exactly what kind of complaint you are experiencing.

Some of the possible causes of pain in the testicles are:

Injuries to the testicles, for example from being hit or crushed Testicular torsion (twisting of the testicles) Varicocele (swelling of the scrotal veins) Epididymitis (inflammation of the sperm ducts) Hernia (protruding bowel due to weakening of the abdominal wall) Orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) Hydrocele (buildup of fluid in the scrotum) Cancer testicles (malignant tumors of the testicles), etc. It is possible, this pain comes from other organs around the testicles, but spreads to the testicles, for example due to infection or stones in the urinary tract.

If the pain is quite severe and does not improve after undergoing treatment from the doctor, then maybe what your doctor says is true, that you need to undergo surgery to overcome the complaints you are experiencing. However, to be sure, you should check with your doctor again. If in doubt, you can seek a second opinion by checking with another doctor. Generally, in addition to a physical examination, the doctor will also recommend that you undergo further tests, such as x-rays, ultrasound, or also a laboratory.

You can relieve your pain by taking paracetamol for a while. Avoid wearing pants that are too tight and made of heat. Also limit lifting of things that are too heavy to avoid increasing pressure around the abdomen and pelvis.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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