Causes Of Painful And Painful Urination After Sneezing?

Hello, introduce me to Rangga (21), final year student. U003cbr u003eMy cheeks are sore and sore today. U003cbr u003eWhen I pee in the morning, it’s still normal, it feels normal. so I often sneezed until noon. u003cbr u003e That morning I was having a class, then I went to the toilet to pee, when I peed it felt normal and suddenly I sneeze while peeing. u003cbr u003eUrin that came out automatically becomes faster and a lot compared to when peeing without sneezing, well there I started to get sick and sore, but the urine color is still normal ..

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Hi Rangga. Thank you for asking

The urinary system consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra, where these four organs have different functions. The kidneys have a major role in filtering waste from blood vessels, producing several hormones and maintaining body fluid balance. Meanwhile, the ureter, which is a long channel, functions to drain urine from the kidneys to the bladder to be stored and when the contents in the bladder are full, it is excreted through the urethral tract. In general, adults will produce about 1-2 liters of urine every day. This amount can of course be influenced by several factors such as weather, the amount of fluid that enters the body, certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, kidneys, etc.

Normally the urine is free of bacteria or sterile. Urinary tract infection will occur when pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or parasites enter through the urethra (end of the urinary tract) and multiply in this place. Urinary tract infection is an acute disease that usually affects women more often than men. This is due to the shorter length of the urethra in women. However, it is not uncommon for men to experience it.

Various complaints that can be found in urinary tract infections, including:

Pain at the end of urination (terminal dysuria)
Nauseous vomit
Difficulty urinating
Urinate frequently (at night) in small amounts
Burning feeling in the bladder area
Bloody urine

However, not all sufferers feel the same symptoms.

Several risk factors can cause urinary tract infections, such as:

Poor personal hygiene
History of urinary stones
Previous history of urinary tract infections
History of diabetes mellitus
Habit of holding back pee
Sexual intercourse
Urinary tract anatomical structural abnormalities

Some tips that can be done everyday to prevent urinary tract infections:

Drink enough water (at least 2 liters / day)
Keep your intimate organs and environment clean
Don't wear trousers or pants that are too tight

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms or signs of infection such as fever, low back pain, and others, immediately consult a doctor. Usually the doctor will check your condition thoroughly and give antibiotics or other drugs that have been planned. Do not take any drugs, especially antibiotics without a doctor's prescription. During the treatment of urinary tract infections, it is best not to have sex for a while.

Hopefully this information can provide benefits. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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