Causes Of Painful Bumps Without Itching Often Appear In The Body?

Illustration of Causes Of Painful Bumps Without Itching Often Appear In The Body?
Illustration: Causes Of Painful Bumps Without Itching Often Appear In The Body?

hi I feel, I have complaints about the bumps that often appear in my body even though I have previously seen a doctor and have received a drug in the form of ointment. but the bumps still appear and it hurts when touched, this bump is also without itching. sometimes the bump is festering and sometimes not, and when it’s deflated it will leave marks and are difficult to remove

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Painful bumps that occur in you can be a number of the following conditions:

Animal bite
Skin irritation due to contact with a substance or object
Enlarged lymph nodes
Benign or malignant tumors on the skin

To ascertain the cause, it should be checked first by a general practitioner to be observed and examined directly. If further tracking is needed, the doctor will refer you to certain specialists such as skin specialists or others according to the suspicion of conditions for further tracking and action.

As for what you should do is:

Keep skin clean.
Bathing at least 2x a day Avoid removing the contents of the lump manually without medical procedures
Wash your hands before touching the lump
Use long arms when gardening or sleeping in a place where there may be many insects to vomit to anticipate insect bites

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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