Causes Of Partial Color Blindness?

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I am color blind, but I don’t know if this is hereditary or something else. I sometimes see a lot of color or irhihara sometimes it hurts and tears. and I also when I was little I had a disease that made my eyes sting constantly but not red. am i color blind hereditary or something else????

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Hi Bhima........

Thank you for your question.

Color blindness means you can't see colors properly. There are different types of color blindness, some are total, and some are partial or partial. In total color blindness, you cannot see color at all, only a monochrome image appears.

While partial or partial color blindness, simply can not see certain colors well. For example, you can still see red well, but you are less sensitive when you see green.

Generally, color blindness runs in families. Inherited color blindness is usually caused by a defect in the gene responsible for making photopigments.

However, in addition to being inherited, color blindness can be caused by chemical damage (drugs) or physical damage to the eye / Nerve of vision / Part of the brain that processes color information / age combination and Cataracts.

To find out if your color blindness is due to heredity or something else, we suggest that you immediately see an ophthalmologist, and discuss this issue, so that you can have a series of examinations carried out, so that everything is finally clear & clear.

Thus the explanation that we can convey, may be useful.


Dr. Teak

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