Causes Of Penile Skin That Easily Blisters, Thinning, And Feels Sticky

Illustration of Causes Of Penile Skin That Easily Blisters, Thinning, And Feels Sticky
Illustration: Causes Of Penile Skin That Easily Blisters, Thinning, And Feels Sticky

Hello doc, I want to ask why yes my penis skin easily blisters when dealing with a partner, and skin wrinkles like the more when there is no reaction. The skin looks thin in the middle and when it flashes like it feels sticky

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Hello Ahmad,

Thank you for the question.

Penile skin that is easily scratched, thinned, and feels sticky is not always caused by problems with the penis. It could be, complaints in your penis occur due to lack of sexual lubricant production in your partner, for example due to suboptimal foreplay, hormonal influences, aging, and many other triggers. Other factors, such as irritation, infections (including sexually transmitted infections), atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin inflammation around the penis can also trigger this condition.

To improve, try first to do the following suggestions:

Improve the cleanliness of your penis, i.e., by showering regularly, cleaning your genitals using clean water after every bowel movement and after sexual intercourse, changing underwear periodically
Do not use underwear and pants that are tight and rough
Only have safe and responsible sex
Currently penetrating sexual intercourse, do the maximum foreplay first so that vaginal lubricating fluid is produced more
No excessive masturbation
Do not carelessly use strong drugs, sexual lubricants, fragrance soap, and other chemical substances around the penis
Ask your partner to also maintain the cleanliness of their sex organs

However, if for a long time your complaint does not improve, or if you find your penis releasing abnormal secretions (bleeding, festering, smelly), bruntusan, itchy, sore, etc., do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist and genitals to be treated further according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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