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Evening doctor, I hope you are always healthy.rnrnMy doctor is normal or not?rnrnWhen I was in high school I was fussy, open, and sociable, easy to learn and now I feel, more reserved, afraid, likes to be alone, likes to be lonely, has difficulty concentrating, my appetite is lacking, I can even not eat or drink for 1 day because by nature I don’t have the appetite to eat, I find it difficult to communicate, even cry a lot or cry, I don’t believe in myself anymore after out of high school. Closed. I’m afraid to talk, it’s hard to say what’s on my mind and in my heart. I have trouble speaking. Even fairly fast in speaking. Sometimes it’s slow.rnrnI like to imagine what it would be like if I died. I even thought about committing suicide. So it’s easy to get discouraged. Even quickly offended by the words of others. I don’t want to blame people, even though the words that are conveyed are not for me. And I blamed myself right then and there. I don’t know my current condition. I feel really useless when faced with an easy job.rnrnThey always say, ‘take it easy’ but for me it’s really difficult.rnrnI feel like I’m disturbing other people, and I don’t have any benefit.rnrnI have a life motto, “useful for others” but it’s just a hoax. I can’t do anything. In fact, I’m a burden to other people, hehe, including burdening doctors reading complaints all this time.rnrnSorry this is so long, this is sincere. I can’t help but cry. I hope I can find a doctor who can guide me or want to be my counselor.rnrnActually, why am I here?rnI don’t even know myselfrnrnThank you doctor, hope it’s answered. .rnAlways healthy huh..

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Hi Maharani, thank you for your question

Generally there are two personality types, namely extrovert and introvert. People who have extroverted personalities tend to be sociable, open and adaptable to new environments. On the other hand, introverted people generally have a personality that tends to be closed, shy, difficult to express their thoughts to most people.

The existence of these personality differences can be influenced by parenting in the family environment, the influence of the circle of friends, and personal experiences. So it is natural that someone who used to be an extrovert turns into an introvert because of certain life events or experiences.

It is important to emphasize that the personality changes that occur should not limit daily survival. For example, someone who used to be productive after turning into passive. What was once an optimist turned into a pessimist.

Good personality changes, should not reduce a person's quality of life. In order to prevent such things from happening, a person who experiences or chooses a personality change should have a friend or someone to trust with whom he or she shares (complaints, hopes or aspirations), has a positive hobby and conducts regular evaluations of his or her accomplishments.

The conditions you experience ranging from feeling irritable, pessimistic, easy to feel guilty to thoughts of ending your life are a sign that you need help to consult directly with a doctor or psychologist.

You don't need to be ashamed or worried, because by seeing a doctor or psychologist, it will be easier for you to find a solution to your current condition. And the sooner you consult, the better the results will be and your life can be productive again.

On the "find a doctor" menu on the website, there are a number of options for psychiatrists (psychiatrists) that you can choose according to the location where you live. The psychiatrists will be happy to chat and dig up information related to your complaint and suggest the best solutions that you feel comfortable doing.

that's my answer, hope it's useful

dr. Deasy Larasandi

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