Causes Of Postoperative Bone Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Postoperative Bone Pain?
Illustration: Causes Of Postoperative Bone Pain?

Hello, permission to ask … last year my father fell and fractured his knee below the knee, until now when his legs use the road it still feels painful, what kind of medicine can reduce pain and bone supplements that are good for my father (54 years old) ?? Thank you in advance

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Hi Agyusita,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, after experiencing a knee fracture, has your father checked his complaints to the doctor? What kind of crack? Are there any special treatments that doctors recommend? Did your father undergo treatment until it was completely and declared cured by a doctor?

Cracks on the knee bones will clearly cause the sufferer to feel pain, especially when he uses his legs to walk and make other movements. This condition often also appears accompanied by other signs of inflammation, such as swelling, redness, feeling warm, stiff, and so on. This condition needs to be treated further by a doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

Treatment of knee fractures can vary depending on the type and severity of the fracture. If the fractured bone segment does not move from its position, it is often not necessary to do invasive therapy. The doctor can do a cast or splint as an attempt to immobilize while waiting for the fractured bone to heal by itself. Usually, these conditions can improve in 6 to 8 weeks with proper treatment. However, if the fractured bone segment experiences a shift, crumble, or an open fracture occurs, then surgery needs to be done so that the healing of the bone runs more optimally. After surgery, the doctor can give several types of drugs, bone supplements, as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy to restore the function of the fractured bone so that patients can get back to ith activities properly. Depending on the type and severity of the crack, this condition generally requires a longer healing time, usually months.

Without a direct examination, it is difficult for us to identify what exactly the condition of your father's knee pain is, whether it has been successfully blended well or not. However, if the pain that your father is experiencing is very severe, this may indicate a healing process that is not yet optimal. It is better to have your father directly checked by a doctor or a specialist in orthopedic surgery so that he is given the best treatment.

In the meantime, your father may take paracetamol or use a warm compress on the painful knee as an initial treatment to relieve the pain. Consumption of foods that are rich in nutrients, especially many contain nutrients for bone healing, such as dark green leafy vegetables, sea fish, fish oil, milk and processed products, and so on. Do not forget, ask your father to rest more and reduce the activities that cause excessive weight in the knee area.

Hope this helps ...

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