Causes Of Premature Ejaculation?

Illustration of Causes Of Premature Ejaculation?
Illustration: Causes Of Premature Ejaculation?

Mlm, we are newlyweds about 2 weeks of marriage, our first mlm why my wife refused to have sex? ,, is it doctor’s premature ejaculation? … or because of my excessive lust until premature ejaculation? and what should I do so that I don’t premature and what should I do so that my wife wants to have sex ?? my wife and I ask the doctor for advice about our problem? Thank you doctor.

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Premature ejaculation is a condition where ejaculation occurs more quickly after the penis enters the vagina. In general, if the penis has entered the vagina during intercourse, a normal ejaculation period can occur after 1 minute coitus or both partners experience sexual satisfaction, so if under 1 minute, or if ejakuasli has occurred when the penis has not penetrated into the vagina so you do not can continue sexual intercourse, then this is said to be premature e-calculation. If this rarely happens, or premature ejaculation occurs less than 50 percent of your sexual activity, then this condition is a natural thing, where there are psychological factors, anxiety, worry, too excited, general health conditions, stamina can affect ejaculation early. However, if the frequency of premature ejaculation is quite frequent, then this needs to be evaluated and examined by a urologist, sexologist, or psychiatrist.
While there is a sense of shame or not yet willing to have an intimate relationship that your wife feels, it is likely a natural condition that is found for newly married couples. This can be triggered by several things, such as:
1. a feeling of worry for having sex, because as a newlywed has not had previous sexual experience
2. Anxiousness due to receiving misinformation previously related to first-time sex as a newlywed, such as information about the very pain when you first have sex
3. worry disappoints your husband
4. wife's current health condition is not optimal
5. There is no warm discussion and discussion between you and your wife regarding sexual relations, both related to time, how intimate relationships and how you treat both
6. You have not done foreplay that helps your wife to get the right stimulation before starting sex or penetration of the penis into the vagina
7. Your wife has not felt a sense of calm and security before and during intercourse
Therefore, you should discuss your wife directly well and calmly, so that you and your wife get a sense of calm and security together when having sex. And you should start the conversation, invitations, seduction and intimate relationships slowly and gradually. Avoid passionate feelings or desires to have sex. This is to help your wife feel relaxed and feel the right stimulation during sex. So the shame or worry will go away. If your wife is feeling calm, then this will help you reduce the risk of premature ejaculation that makes you anxious, because you will be more relaxed and calm during sex. When all the efforts you have made, but these complaints still bother you and your wife , then you should consult with a sexologist or psychiatrist / psychologist for further discussion and examination. Your doctor will help you provide positive recommendations or advice to help you through the transition period and the introduction of each other, especially with regard to sexual relations.
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