Causes Of Prolonged Cough?

Illustration of Causes Of Prolonged Cough?
Illustration: Causes Of Prolonged Cough?

Good afternoon doctor, my child is 10 years old. Cough, he continuously consulted the doctor and was given medicine and improved 1 to 2 days after that coughing again. Cough has been more than 1 month. Cough with phlegm. Thank you doctor.

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Hi Pure,

The emergence of phlegm cough that lasts more than 1 month should get a doctor's treatment. Because your child has taken medication from a doctor and the complaint is still permanent, you should discuss this with your doctor so that you can get further treatment regarding the complaint.

Aside from treating your doctor, you can also take the following recommendations to help deal with your child's coughing complaints:

 Consume enough water so that phlegm is more runny and easier to remove. Avoid conditions that can trigger coughing, such as exposure to pollution or irritants. Avoid foods that contain lots of oil, fried food, are too cold or too spicy. Consume cough medicines that are appropriate for the type of cough. healthy nutritious to support the healing process In general, complaints of phlegm cough caused by infection or inflammation of the airways so that it produces more phlegm than normal. If not handled properly or the infection is quite severe, the risk of a more serious disease will increase. As for complaints of persistent cough can be caused by respiratory infections, tuberculosis infections, lung infections (pneumonia) or lung inflammation (bronchitis).

If needed, the doctor can do a sputum examination, lung X-ray and blood tests to determine the cause of your child's cough. If indeed your child's coughing complaints are caused by certain medical conditions such as tuberculosis, in addition to prescribing cough medicines, your doctor will also prescribe antibiotic drugs (antituberculosis) that are appropriate to his condition.

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