Causes Of Prolonged Flatulence?

Illustration of Causes Of Prolonged Flatulence?
Illustration: Causes Of Prolonged Flatulence?

Good evening Doctor r nDo I want to ask, I want my stomach for 4 days like bloating. Difficult to defecate and defecate or belch, if it is filled with food it feels very uncomfortable, just a few bribes. And my whole body feels a headache, I also feel a lot of pain like tendons being pulled and feel throbbing as if pressed while I have enough sleep. What do you think I’m sick of? What medicine and what to do?

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Hi Shiti,

Thank you for asking

Bloating, difficulty in defecation, difficulty in defecation, and the stomach feels full usually indicates increased stomach acid production, or in the medical realm often called dyspepsia syndrome. This condition can occur due to improper eating patterns (for example, frequent eating too late or eating too much spicy), side effects of drugs (such as pain medications or antibiotics), experiencing mental or physical pressure, as well as other complications, such as gastritis, GERD, ulcers stomach, pancreatitis, cholangitis, and so on. The stress that your body experiences due to these complaints can cause the body to produce more stress hormones which contribute to the emergence of various other complaints, including headaches and other body aches.

Not only that, you can also, your complaints arise due to other triggers, for example fibromyalgia, viral or bacterial infections (eg dengue fever, urinary tract infections, typhoid fever), intestinal inflammation, appendicitis, pre menstrual syndrome, obstructive ileus, intolerance, intestinal tumors, and so on.

If your complaint has lasted more than 3 days, we urge you not to let it continue. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that the doctor can provide you with the best alternative therapies, for example by administering drugs to neutralize stomach acid or other drugs according to the originator of your complaint.

At this time, you can go through a few steps below so that your complaints improve:

Limit the consumption of foods and drinks that produce a lot of gas when consumed, for example tubers, mustard greens, cabbage, carbonated drinks. Reduce consumption of spicy foods, coconut milk, and too acidic Active moving and exercising to facilitate matebolism. Do not consume drugs indiscriminately, including laxatives Compress painful areas of the body with warm water Reduce excessive stress and fatigue Maintain ideal body weight Hope it helps huh ..

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