Causes Of Prolonged Headaches In Children 12 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of Prolonged Headaches In Children 12 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of Prolonged Headaches In Children 12 Years?

Good evening doctor, I Yuli want a consultation. My 12 year old child has had headaches since August 27, at first we thought it was a normal pain but it was getting sicker and getting sicker until September 15 I went to the neurologist, after checking the doctor’s letter there was a swollen nerve in the MPA before right back and then I got an injection and he was given medicine, 5 days passed but it still hurt and I went back to the doctor, still there was a residual swelling then he was injected again and given the medicine. 5 days later I went back to the doctor because the pain did not decrease then we had a CT scan. Because there is still swelling, according to the doctor, there was no CT scan in my child’s brain / head. Then the doctor injects lg into the swollen nerve. Today is the 2nd day after the 3rd injection but my child still has a headache. what I want to ask is that there is the word * “visible prominent right sigmoid sinus in the hSl CT scan, what does that mean? Please explain. Thank you.

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Hello You Lee, Thank you for your question.

Headaches can be experienced by anyone from children to adults. The causes of headaches are also very diverse. Some examples of causes of headaches are tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines, flu, sinusitis, ear infections, meningitis, eye refractive disorders, and others. Do you know the doctor's diagnosis? Inflammation of the nerves at the back of the head, which a neurologist refers to may be occipital neuralgia. Occipital neuralgia is a headache caused by inflammation or irritation of the occipital nerve. This nerve runs from the top of the spine to the back of the scalp. Symptoms experienced by sufferers are in the form of a sore headache, or throbbing that can be felt from the base of the head back upwards, pain on both sides of the head, pain behind the eyes, pain when moving the neck, the eyes are more sensitive to light. One treatment that doctors can do is injections into these nerves to reduce headaches which are usually combined with other pain relievers. If the headache does not improve or is not specific, the doctor will perform other examinations such as a CT scan or MRI of the head to find out whether the headache complaint is caused by a brain disorder. A CT scan can find out the brain and other structures in the head. The sigmoid sinus is a cavity located in the brain that contains veins that receive blood from the back of the brain. A prominent sigmoid sinus means that on the CT scan image these structures appear more clearly, which may be due to compression or blockage, or may not be meaningful. Please consult again with the neurologist who treats your child with the results of this examination. Discuss with your doctor about the results of the CT scan and the next steps for treatment. In the meantime, please give the medicine given by the doctor as directed.

Hope this information is helpful.

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