Causes Of Recurrent Anemia In The Elderly?

Illustration of Causes Of Recurrent Anemia In The Elderly?
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Good morning, I have a question. last November 2017 my mother was hospitalized because of anemia and had to do a blood transfusion. Last February, my mother was hospitalized again with the same diagnosis. At the hospitalization, an endoscopy was also performed and it can be seen from the results of my mother’s gastric endoscopy that there was no problem. This month my mother already has signs of anemia again. pale face, tired, etc. What I want to ask is why is my mother always anemic in such a fast time? while eating and living patterns are maintained. maybe there is a solution from the doctor for my mother, so I don’t have to be hospitalized and have blood transfusions again.

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Patients with repeated complaints of anemia will give accompanying complaints in the form of easy fatigue, paleness, headache, dizziness, to nausea and palpitations. To prevent repeated complaints of anemia, the cause of anemia must be known, so that the treatment carried out in addition to giving blood transfusions is also carried out according to the cause.

Some of the possible causes of anemia can be:

1. Unbalanced intake of healthy food

2. iron deficiency

3. Bleeding in the digestive tract

4. Bleeding from the female organs (in women)

5. tumor

6. spinal cord abnormalities

7. liver disorders

8. Abnormalities in the kidneys

9. Abnormalities in red blood cells, such as ruptured red blood cells, blood cancer

10. Chronic infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis

By doing a direct examination to an internal medicine doctor, it is hoped that the cause of anemia experienced by your mother can be known. Thus, the doctor will perform a blood test, ultrasound examination, X-ray, or endoscopy to evaluate and find out the possible cause.

Blood transfusions can be given according to indications, even if blood transfusions must be done every month, this can be done according to indications.

While other treatments will focus on the cause of anemia experienced.

For home care, your mother is expected to continue to meet the needs of balanced nutrition and the needs of other types of food recommended by the treating doctor.

That's the information we can convey, read also anemia.


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