Causes Of Recurrent Tuberculosis?

Illustration of Causes Of Recurrent Tuberculosis?
Illustration: Causes Of Recurrent Tuberculosis?

Hello, I’m Parman, 26 years old. I want to ask. In 2015 I was sentenced Tb. and after the verdict I was advised to seek treatment for up to 3 months of drug consumption. and I’ve done it. the last result of my lung X-ray after treatment was declared clean and no longer taking drugs. and last February there was a doctor who said that my lungs were not clean. I want to ask. it appears again because of treatment or what. because I have been guarding both ash and smoke. the problem is that doctors say one of the causes is smoke or ash.

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Basically if you have ever been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis, then the treatment that you have to run is at least 6 months, not just 3 months. Even though the X-ray is done in the 3rd month of treatment and the results of the X-ray are good, the treatment should still be continued for at least 6 months.

Regarding the examination in February where there was a doctor who said your lungs were not clean, what tests were done that February and what symptoms did you experience? Basically, the diagnosis of a disease must always be based on clinical symptoms, physical examination results, and if necessary also with the help of supporting examinations. Because the information you have given is only "unclean lung", we cannot provide an accurate diagnosis estimate of your illness. It is better if you ask directly to the doctor who examined you about your illness.

Lung disease can be caused by many possibilities. Exposure to excessive smoke and ash can indeed cause lung disease (penumoconiosis) can also cause the lungs to become more susceptible to infection and inflammation. Lung disease can also be caused by infections (whether viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic), asthma, COPD, autoimmune diseases, cancer, disorders of the heart, trauma / injury, and so forth. Therefore it must really be known clearly the symptoms that you feel, and physical examination and supporting examination must be done to determine the exact cause.

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